Business Success Conference - BSC Sept 2018

For Anyone Who Wants To Start A Business, Earn More, Work Less Hours And Have More Control Over Their Life

22nd-23rd September 2018 - Central London


Limited Free Places Available 

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Venue: Millennium Gloucester Hotel, 4-18 Harrington Gardens, Kensington, London SW7 4LH 

At this event, you will learn how to: 

  • What the most successful businesses are doing
  • How to market your business
  • To create more revenue and profit for your business
  • To see what the fastest business trends are
  • To see how others have done it 
  • How to work smart and not hard
  • The 10 principles of success in business
  • What business models are working
  • To save time and money figuring it out yourself
  • The biggest secrets to success and failure in your business

"This Event Will Open Your Eyes to New Methods of Creating An Income and Having A Business That Suits Your Lifestyle”

Why You Need To Attend

Most people trade time for money and have been taught to earn a living, but what if there was a way to earn an income without selling your time. I know this sounds too good to be true and the fact is people are already doing it. It’s just you have never been taught these secrets.  

Business Success Conference is about getting a new business off the ground and/or taking your existing business to the next level. This event is where you will get to learn from industry experts who have all started their business from scratch and have taken them to 7 figure businesses.

The goal is to create a business that earns an income for you. This is known as passive income. There are so many ways to do it and at this next event we will be sharing tried and tested strategies backed up with proof so you know that these strategies work!  

By the time you leave the event you will be able to start your own business within 30 days and start getting results for your business.

If you ever wanted to create an income on the side, increase your revenue or transition from a job into a business then this event is perfect for you. Make sure you book your tickets now as this event is always a full house. 

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Attend This Event And Learn The Latest Strategies To Start & Grow Your Lifestyle Business

Your Trainers

John Lee - Online Entrepreneur

John will be teach you how to start an online business and make passive income so you can live the dream lifestyle you deserve.

John Lee is the co-founder and CEO of Wealth Dragons Group PLC.  

He is one of the youngest British born Chinese entrepreneurs to be taking a company to a public offering and has helped thousands of business owners across the globe to grow their businesses.  

Having gained millions of followers on social media, his mission is now to revolutionise the education system and to share his knowledge with others. He is now invited to speak all around the world on the topics of property investment, digital marketing, business growth and entrepreneurship.  

Vince Tan - Business Startup Strategies

Vince Tan will be teaching you how to turn your idea into a reality using simple step by step processes that all billion dollar companies like Facebook, Instagram, Uber use. He will also be showing you how to create a 7 figure business from a napkin and how he himself did the same.

Vince Tan is an entrepreneur, international speaker and the co-Founder and CEO of Shock Media Studio, voted the best workplace and top web development company in Asia.  

He first came to fame when, at a young age, he achieved seven figure sales within the first twenty-four hours of his product launches. Since then, he has built a few million dollar business from scratch with some on the verge of IPO.  

Co-founder of three other businesses, and received the Top 30 Outstanding Young Malaysian Award as well as the 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs award.

Vincent Wong - Property Entrepreneur

Vincent will be teaching you how to acquire assets using the concept of OPM and leverage, so you can buy more houses and create passive income and retire early. He’s transacted hundreds of property deals and is now helping others do the same. 

Vincent Wong is the co-founder and Chairman of Wealth Dragons Group PLC and author of Property Entrepreneur.  

Vincent pioneered ground-breaking financing strategies by making history in the UK, Malaysia and the Netherlands where property deals were transacted without using mortgage finance and deposits. He is credited as the 'Father of Lease Options' in these countries. 

His message is that "you can structure win-win deals in property by helping people and making a fortune for yourself".  

Paul Preston - MultiLet Property Expert

Paul Preston is a truly inspiring example of just what’s possible in life. In 2009, Paul was working as cleaner, making minimum wage. Today, he is a multi-millionaire, and has re-built his own life through property.  

He now has over 100 rental units and he built his multi-million pound property portfolio in a relatively short period of time, using none of his own money to start with.

Paul is a Guinness World Record Holder, Author, Coach, Mentor, Award Winning International Speaker and has been featured on BBC1.

Paul O'Mahony - Social Media Expert

Paul O'Mahony is an Entrepreneur, Author, Product Creator and Public Speaker specializing in Digital Marketing & Mindset.

His company has built up a large client base of world renowned businesses, government agencies, speakers, Hollywood & sporting celebrities, while successfully managing their social media as well as providing consulting and coaching, all producing outstanding results.  

Paul shares how the clients mindset works and how understanding this is critical to any marketing being performed by your business. Paul will teach you cutting edge techniques in mastering Social Media to optimise how you or your business can make the absolute most out of the Social Media phenomenon. 

Armand Morin - Lifestyle Business Strategy

Armand Morin is a marketing industry expert who has built a multi-million dollar international business.  

Over the past 20 years, he has built his business to the point that he is one of the most well known Marketers in the world today teaching everyone from newbies to the experts.  

He teaches the exact techniques and strategies that he uses in his business every day. 

Andy Harrington - Professional Speaker

A Professional Speaker who has coached Hollywood movie stars and some of the world’s best speakers.

Andy’s passion is in raising peoples earning potential by breaking them out of the limited mindset of how much they think they are worth. 

He has helped improve the quality of lives of thousands of successful people around the world and his presentation is a must attend for anyone serious about realising their potential.  

Special Guest Speaker - Trading Expert

This guest speaker is one of the UK’s very best at teaching people how to trade the currency markets to earn an income on the side. 

If you have little time and still want to create an additional income, then you need to pay attention to this expert.  

Leverage is how you earn more and we will cover this in detail at the Business Success Conference in London 


Dates: Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd September 2018 This is a 2-Day Event 

Venue: Millennium Gloucester Hotel, 4-18 Harrington Gardens, Kensington, London, SW7 4LH  

Registration opens at 8.00am on both Saturday & Sunday  

Event Times: 9:00am - 8:00pm each day

Amazing Free Prize Draw

Everyone that attends will be given a ticket into our free prize draw, which will be drawn live at the event - and we will be giving away thousands of pounds of prizes!

Prizes will include:

  •  All Expenses Paid Trip to BALI 
  •  Dinner with the Dragons
  •  1-to-1 Coaching Sessions with John Lee
  •  1-to-1 Coaching Sessions with Vincent Wong
  •  iPad Minis | iWatches | And more...

* Above images are prize winners from our events this year. We give away all the prizes mentioned above at each event.


"Thank you very much for giving me and many others such an amazing opportunity to attend this lifestyle convention! It was very informative, inspiring and it has clarified my goals to achieve. Thank you." - Yeonghee Song

"It was truly amazing and inspirational. So many valuable lessons authentically presented and backed up with real content, examples and strategies to take away and implement. The master appeared for me at the weekend and I cant wait to see what unfolds over the next year." - Manpreet Kaur

"Hey John brilliant event today was the most inspirational talk I have ever been to thank you for your time!" - Amit Renco

 "Outstanding! Thank you very much for a very inspiring seminar." - R Flora Mitch

"Awesome fun packed event with great speakers, massive value with loads of nuggets and content." - Marcus Suitor 

"John, a HUGE thanks for everything today and yesterday. I can't describe how much value you have already added to my life in only 48 hrs. So much of what you said over the weekend has really resonated with me and I am getting myself in gear NOW to act on it. I also truly believe that everything happens for a reason; I came across your course at the right time for me." - Melesisha Sealy-Pearson 

 "I am one of those who got the chance to be inspired and get motivated by your generosity to share what was transpired on your journey to life and what and how u have achieved success. Bless u more john!🙏 It is in giving that u are receiving." - Cathy Ramiro

"It was an amazing day at the Lifestyle Business Convention yesterday and being taught about wealth creation by some inspiring and successful entrepreneurs was a day well spent." - Ezzatullah Zamani 

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Wealth Dragons. I have attended many seminars, but this one was unique. I have never attended such a seminar, which oozed love, care, concern and energy. I could go on. It is a life changing experience for me. John and Vincent are very genuine. I feel I have known them for years and they are my best friends. This seminar was simply AWESOME. I can never forget it!! Thank you." - Joyce Oluwole

"Amazing, inspirational, life changing weekend. I came along with my daughter and totally blown away with all the options people can do to change their lives. Thank you John & team!!" - Jenny Jones

Our Aim Is To Create The Next Generation Of Business Millionaires


Where: Millennium Gloucester Hotel, 4-18 Harrington Gardens, Kensington, London SW7 4LH 

When: Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd September 2018  

Nearest Tube Station: Gloucester Road


Strictly Limited Places Only 

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